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144 Martin St


The name Bequeath & Bestow represents our belief that we can collect, covet, treasure and find joy through possessions but we are only caretakers for the next generation and cycle of life. As each piece changes hands, another story is woven.

About Us

Bequeath & Bestow is a vintage furniture and homewares boutique owned by Chella Monaghan. Chella not only owns this store, she also manages it full time – sourcing all the unique items and restoring all of the pieces of furniture herself. What this creates is an eclectic mix of ‘one-offs’ that would easily satisfy a range of tastes.

Baxter Monaghan is a Golden Retriever x Poodle (aka a 'Groodle') so if you're walking past, be sure to give him a pat! He's a sucker for a tummy-rub!


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